Virtual Party Fashion - Choosing Formal Wear for Your Baby

by Vanessa Shen on May 08, 2020


Virtual Party Fashion - Choosing Formal Wear for Your Baby

Special occasions like weddings, family milestones, or photoshoots are often a reason to get all dressed up. This is a time when the bowties and jackets, the frills, and the ruffles come out, and everyone gathers for an afternoon or an evening of catching up and merriment. These days, we have fewer and smaller gatherings; however, this should not be a reason for the fun to stop.

You can still have family events in a virtual, socially distanced way. When picking clothes for a young child, especially for an online party, you will need to strike a balance between practicality and aesthetics. Baby clothes can be both stylish and comfortable, and we have a few mum hacks for when it’s time for you to choose.

Start with a theme

A formal event like a wedding will almost always have a theme; you can find a little dress or a suit for your little one that fits the colour scheme or the style suggested by the bridal party. Other events are not so direct; if it’s a holiday party, you can choose a themed jumper or an onesie for your baby. This will make them extra comfortable while keeping them picture-worthy.

Keep your baby girl unfussed

It is tempting to have a girl wear perfect little dresses with lots of ribbons and bows. However, if you prioritize style, you might overlook comfort. Get precious little girl dresses that will let them move around comfortably and stay adorable at the same time.

A cardigan set has the perfect texture for babies and will keep even the smallest infants calm. Tiny babies can even be in sleeper gowns, which are made with silky or soft material. These types of clothes can come in festive prints and a cinched hem, which make a more formal silhouette. Floral patterns on babywear are a safe choice for any event that needs an extra oomph. For babies with sensitive skin, you can choose a bodysuit. They are dressier than an onesie or a sleeper gown but are just as comfortable.

Dress up your baby boy in comfort

Baby boys can also be both stylish and snug. Dress him up in a soft, button-front cardigan set, in a colour that matches the mood of the occasion. You can even go for patterns or knits. A button-up shirt is especially adorable on a baby boy.

If your little one cannot handle buttons yet, you can choose something with buttons sewn down the front. Jumpers and coveralls are also popular with boys. You can choose ones that come in softer fabrics, such as cotton, jersey knit, bamboo rayon, or fleece.

If you have time, customise

For events that have a lead time or ones that are special, like your child’s baptism or a wedding in the immediate family, you can have something custom-made. Note, however, that you must factor in the time you need for deliveries.

If you are pressed for time, you can still make an outfit your own by picking the right accessories. Bonnets, hats, headbands, bows, booties, scarves—there are so many options for making your baby uniquely charming on the day of the party.


Getting the perfect outfit for your child is a matter of balancing comfort and style. When you choose timeless cuts in breathable fabrics, you’re sure to give them an afternoon of fun.

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