Tips To Help You Set Up a Morning Routine For Your Kids

by Vanessa Shen on June 05, 2020

Tips To Help You Set Up a Morning Routine For Your Kids

Mornings can be tough for children, especially if it’s a school day. Most kids move slowly in the morning and, as parents, it can be a struggle to get children ready for the day head. The solution to this is to have a set morning routine so your kids can get up and move, whether it’s a school day or not.

Here are some tips to help you establish a fun morning routine for your children:

Set a Time To Get Up

The first thing to establish a good morning routine for kids is to set a specific time for waking up. Let your kids know about this so they can have an idea of what to expect, even though they might not be tracking it themselves. A good way to ease your kids into the habit is to provide at least a 30-minute wake-up window so that they have time to get adjusted.

Create a List of Things To Do

Make a list of things to do for your kids and have them check it in the morning. It will allow them to know what they need to do after they wake up. More importantly, it helps them be more motivated to get ready for the day.

Allow for Extra Time

Keep in mind that children will not easily fall into the morning routine that you’ve set. It will take time, so make sure to allow for extra time, too. Let them ease into the morning routine slowly and next thing you know, things are running smoothly.

Motivate Them

Use stickers or even delicious treats to motivate your kids to get up in the morning and do what they have to do.

Have Exciting Activities

It may be difficult to get excited first thing in the morning, but as a parent, it all begins with you. Prepare some exciting activities. These could be as simple as racing to the bathroom to brush their teeth. When kids know something fun awaits them in the morning, they will be more excited about their morning routines.

Resist To Sleep In On the Weekends

Weekends may be the perfect time to sleep in, but you might want to stick to the schedule for a couple of weekends after you first make changes. You can eventually allow your kids to sleep in during the weekends, but only after they have already fallen into the habit that you’ve set.

Get Everybody Involved

Have everybody in the house involved in the kids’ morning routine. That way, your children will feel more motivated to get through their routines. At the same time, everybody will be able to help each other out so children can ease into their morning routine.


A morning routine will set the tone for the day, so make it fun and enjoyable for your kids. Also, it will help them value the importance of consistency. It will take time and a whole lot of patience before your children are comfortable with the routine that you set, but every day will be worth it.

Finally, remember to go easy on yourself. The fact that you are able to get the kids moving in the morning is a huge accomplishment in itself.

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