8 Simple Hacks for Organising Your Baby's Clothes in Style

by Vanessa Shen on June 12, 2020

8 Simple Hacks for Organising Your Baby's Clothes in Style

Being a first-time mom is an exciting experience. You get to learn many new things and get to meet new parents as well. First-time parents often buy many items for their baby as they get excited to dress them up and show their cute faces to family members and friends.

If you find yourself in the same situation, here are eight ultimate mum hacks to help you to have an organised and neat wardrobe for your baby:

Hack #1: Add a second closet rail

If you are using a hanging closet to store your precious baby girl clothes and dresses, consider installing another closet rail underneath the top to add extra storage. Her dresses are relatively short, so hanging another line of dresses underneath won’t look messy.

Hack #2: Put closet dividers

As a new parent, you would know how overwhelming it is to receive tons of clothes from friends and family members as gifts for your child, leaving you little to no space in the closet. Aside from folding your baby’s clothes neatly, you should also put closet dividers to separate clothing. Doing this can help their wardrobe closet look neat and organised.

Hack #3: Use cute and clever clips

Have you ever realised that baby clothes and other necessities are much more expensive when compared to normal-sized items, including baby hangers? If you want to save money and add style and cuteness to their wardrobe, use cute clips to hang their clothing on normal-size hangers.

Hack #4: Install a hanging basket

Your baby won’t need much in their room. As a result, walls are often left empty and lack aesthetics. To add style and décor of their room, install a few hanging baskets around and use it as a storage for their diapers, toys, or other clothing accessories.

Hack #5: Hang baby shoes on a rail

Many people would agree that baby shoes are cute and fascinating. With that said, consider using their shoes as part of their room décor. Get a standard clothing rail that you can buy at your local store and hang your baby’s shoes on curtain rings or anything similar.

Hack #6: Install a chalkboard on their dresser’s door

If you want to include some fun and useful activities in your baby’s room, you can think about installing a chalkboard on their dresser’s door. You can put it on one side of the room where they can play and learn at the same time.

Hack #7: Use a trolley on wheels as extra storage

Trolley on wheels is a perfect item you can have in their room not only because it adds additional storage, but it is also relatively small, and it won’t clutter the room. You can either use it to store your baby’s clothing accessories or have it next to the changing table to store nappies and other necessities.

Hack #8: Designate a cast-off bin

Babies grow up fast. Before you know it, they’re already a few years old! Because of this, the parents tend to buy new sets of clothing that will fit them at a particular time. However, this will leave you with many outgrown clothing they won’t be using anymore. As you find new potential owners for your baby’s clothes, consider having a cast-off bin where you can put all these things. Doing so will avoid clutter and save you time choosing their outfits every day.


Being a parent is exciting but also overwhelming at the same time, especially for first-time parents. You get to buy cute clothing and receive toys for your baby from other family members. When you want to keep your baby’s room clean and organised, follow the organising hacks given above and you’ll have an enjoyable experience!

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