7 Mum Hacks to Be More Efficient

by Vanessa Shen on March 13, 2020

7 Mum Hacks to Be More Efficient - Precious April

One of the hardest jobs in the world is being a working mum. You tend to your career, along with your family and your kids that need you as well. How can you be more efficient in your work and your parenting life? Here are some mum hacks to help you:

Have Family Meetings

Set aside time to hold weekly meetings with all the members of your family. It’s best to do on the weekend so that you have a solid plan for the week ahead. Most family meetings can be done in just a couple of minutes. By doing so, you can guarantee that everyone will be on the same page for the coming days.

Create a Family Calendar

Put up a family calendar in your kitchen, or in a location where everyone can see it in your home. You can also download a family calendar app and have every family member download the same app to sync schedules together.

Plan Your Meals

Having to worry about your meals every day can be stressful as a working mum. One useful mum hack is to have a weekly meal plan. It takes a few minutes at the beginning of each week to plan your meals, do your grocery shopping, and prep them. This will help relieve you from the stress of having to rush home to cook dinner for your family.

Make Use of Your Lunch Hour

Make the most out of your lunch hour at work to pay bills, run some errands, or work out. Consider this your “me” time every day. You become more efficient as a working mum when you use some of your free time during the day on personal to-do’s, even if it only takes a few minutes, it will make a significant impact on your schedule.

Delegate Tasks

Mums often take on a lot of work themselves, but if you have older kids who can do simple tasks, share the workload with them at home. This will save you time and teaches your children to become more responsible. You only need to make sure that the tasks that you provide your kids are doable based on their age.

Purchase Online

Shopping outside can take a considerable amount of time — the travel time, parking, etc. can add up, why do you have to do these things when there’s an alternative? You can save a lot of time by shopping online. The majority of businesses are online, they can deliver to your home which will help you avoid lines & commutes to stores.

Don’t Forget to Have Time For Yourself

You might think that setting aside time for yourself is counterintuitive, especially when you want to be more efficient as a mum. Self-care can make a whole lot of difference in how you feel, being a working mum can take a toll on your overall health, which is why it’s crucial that you set aside time for yourself during the day or at least once a week!


These mum hacks will help you become more efficient and productive as a working mum. With these tips, you can have a career while you do your duties as a mother.

One of the most effective mum hacks that you can do is to shop online whenever possible. If you’re looking for clothes for your kids, check out Precious April, we’re happy to help!