5 Ways to Become Your Child's Best Friend

by Vanessa Shen on May 22, 2020


5 Ways to Become Your Child's Best Friend - Our Guide

They say “become a parent to your child, not a best friend,” but we think a parent can do and should do both. Being a parent is the role and purpose of any mother and father figure, but being best friends with your child can bring more trust and respect to your relationship.

If you aim for a parent-child relationship that is more open, start while they’re young! We have here some tips on how to start becoming your child’s best friend:

Spend time with them

Children love to play all the time! So, make sure to spend time with your child as much as you can. If they need a playmate, volunteer, and play their game well. If they want to watch their favourite cartoon or animated film, sit and watch by their side.

Being present with your child, especially when they do things that they love, shows how much you want to be with them and get to know them. In their eyes, it’s a display of how you care. The bonding is also a precious moment that can last a lifetime.

Allow them to be part of your schedule

Spending time with kids may be a privilege for some parents. It’s not an easy thing to do, especially for working parents. If you’re a working mum or dad, or a busy homemaker, find a way to insert the bonding time with your children in your schedule.

For example, if you’re a homemaker, try giving simple or small home tasks to your kids. It helps them become responsible while also letting them spend time with you. If your daily schedule doesn’t permit, let them help you untie your tie or shoelaces upon getting home. These may be little tasks but they make a big difference.

Appreciate them

When your kids do something good, notice it and praise them. Children are the same as adults. They feel loved when they are appreciated. It encourages them to do more good, and it gives them the self boost they need. Getting praises will also encourage them to tell you more about their achievements, and it helps strengthen the bond between you two.

Let them tell their story

When trying to know their kids, parents tend to ask a lot of questions. That can be helpful sometimes, but in most cases, it seems like you’re just too nosy. Exchanging stories is one excellent bonding experience between a parent and a child, but asking as if you’re interviewing them isn’t the best route to take. You can try sharing your stories first. If you want to know how their day went, tell them how yours went. That way they get to know you too. Make the storytelling engaging that they also start telling you how their day was.

Give them their time

Becoming the best friend doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re monitoring all of their life happenings 24/7. Sometimes, they’d need a break and time away from you, regardless of their age. When this time comes, let them be. If they truly trust and respect you, as a parent and a best friend, they’d come to you when they’re ready. Remember how you, as a child, want to have your private time, and allow yourself to give that to your children as well.


There are different ways of parenting, and each parent has their own style. There’s nothing wrong with being just the parent, but being a best friend can bring your relationship to a different level. As you may have noticed, the steps we shared are simple things anyone can do, but each requires time and a great effort to succeed.

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