5 Tips to Reassure Your Children Amid COVID-19

by Vanessa Shen on April 10, 2020

5 Tips to Reassure Your Children Amid COVID-19 - Precious April

The global pandemic has caused people in many countries to secure themselves at home. Children, despite their playful nature, can easily pick up if something in their environment is out of the ordinary. The significant changes brought by the coronavirus are enough to make them ask questions, or worse, be in distress.

In this article, we will share with you five tips to reassure your children and help them get through the current health crisis:

Discuss it with your children

Some parents may be hesitant to talk to their children about the pandemic as a way not to instil fear in them. However, with all the news and every media outlet talking about the coronavirus, along with the lockdown order, your children are bound to ask questions. If they don’t come to you first, take the initiative to discuss the situation with them.

When you openly discuss it with your children, they will feel less fearful because they are comforted knowing that you are they for them. Aside from that, they will feel more open to talking with you about the situation, especially in times when they feel anxious.

Ask them what they’re thinking about

As parents, you will want to reassure your children. However, you can’t reassure them if you don’t know what they’re thinking. Initiate a conversation and ask them questions about what is going on in their mind. Perhaps, you can ask them what they’ve heard about the virus, what they think about it, and how it makes them feel.

When you ask questions and encourage them to open up to you, you get an idea of where they’re coming from, which will make you address the questions better. It’s also a chance for you to correct any misinformation that they may have received.

Keep things simple and valuable

Your children don’t need to know the tiniest detail about the COVID-19. Keep it simple, and filter the information that you will tell your children so that the conversation will be positive and productive. By keeping things simple, you can help clear their anxieties.

Validate their worries

The virus is causing so much anxiety all over the world, so resist the temptation to shrug off your children’s concerns. Instead, validate your children’s concerns and tell them what their feelings are real. By doing so, you can help them cope better. Try not to tell your children that they shouldn’t be worried about anything because this might make them doubt themselves. Instead, help them explore their feelings and guide them as they do.

Have a schedule at home

When the whole family is at home, there’s bound to be an upheaval at some point, which can cause stress levels to increase. You may also need to work at home, but the younger children may not understand the situation and will likely distract you while you’re at work. To prevent this from happening, set a schedule for everything that happens at home — from spending time with your children, to cooking, and working. Then, place the schedule where your children can see it. Also, it would be helpful if you can discuss the schedule with your kids so that they know what to do. 


Keeping kids in the dark amid the global pandemic is not advisable. Parents must know how to update their children with everything that’s happening in the world, especially in a crisis like this, so that they know their part in keeping everyone safe.

If you are looking for more mum hacks on how to reassure your children during this pandemic, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!