5 Mental Health Tips for Parents Amidst COVID-19

by Vanessa Shen on April 03, 2020

Precious April - 5 Mental Health Tips for Parents Amidst COVID-19

The Coronavirus outbreak has people confined inside their homes and restricted from living their daily lives. Today, people across the world are on full-defence mode to protect themselves and their loved ones. However, with the influx of information, the number of infected cases and deaths can easily take a toll on one’s mental health.

If you’re a parent and you’re struggling with your mental health, here are five tips to help you get through this difficult period:

Limit news consumption

Every headline on the news today contains the word “COVID-19.” Staying updated with what’s happening around the world is one thing, but obsessively scrolling on your social media feed or reading the news is another. If you continue doing so, you will overload your thoughts with information, which will inevitably affect your mental health.

If you’re having trouble with your mental health due to the current health crisis, then it’s time that you limit the news that you watch and read. Set aside specific times of the day to read and watch the news. Having long periods away from news websites and social media will help you better manage your anxiety levels.

Mute accounts on social media that are triggering

Thanks to the advanced features on social media platforms today, you can now “mute” those accounts or even words that are triggers for you. Twitter allows users to mute specific mentions of words, and if you’re on it most of the time, go and click on that mute button and enjoy the (filtered) silence.

On other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, you can mute or snooze accounts. If it bothers you so much, simply unfollow or unfriend someone.

Always wash your hands

Amidst the health crisis, one practice that will help protect you and your loved one from the virus is washing your hands, among others. Washing your hands as frequently as you can help give you the reassurance that you’re doing something right to protect yourself. That assurance and calmness are enough to balance your thoughts and emotions.

Don’t get yourself burnt out

Although there is no specific timeline on when this pandemic will end, the only thing that is certain is that it’s going to end eventually. As you keep yourself safe at home, many articles online that you read will tell you to stay productive. There’s nothing wrong with being productive as it keeps your mind off of what’s happening around, but if you’re doing it too much, you risk burning yourself out.

Burnout can have a negative impact on your mental health, and you don’t want that to add to your anxiety. So, schedule downtimes, and if you don’t feel like doing anything for the day, then do nothing and just rest.

Have time for yourself

If you want to take care of others, you will have to first take care of yourself. Set aside time for reading a book or get a full-body workout. Engage in self-care routines that will keep you energized and healthy so that your mental health will be in check. 

Dealing with anxiety and the virus outbreak can be overwhelming for parents who have little children. The only way through all this is to help and prioritize yourself. Only then will you be able to guide your family through the uncertainty of life.

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