4 Reasons to Let Kids Choose What to Wear - What to Know

by Vanessa Shen on May 29, 2020

4 Reasons to Let Kids Choose What to Wear - What to Know

Choosing your children’s clothing can be such a delight—the little charm brought about by tiny pieces of clothing is enough to send anyone smiling. Who wouldn’t want those bright pink, precious little girl dresses or those tiny boots reminiscent of your pair?

You’ll want your children dolled up for the world to see, highlighting their bright eyes and toothless grins as they twirl around. In time, though, you’ll watch them grow up, and your task of choosing their clothes will cease.

It can be difficult to let go of this sense of control, but allowing them to choose on their own teaches them how to make independent decisions. Their clothing choice is hardly anything compared to their future decisions, but it’s best to cultivate their individuality and independence early on.

There are many more positives attributed to this little sense of freedom, and here are some of them:

You allow them to formulate and express their opinions

Letting your children choose an outfit for the very first time means more than just picking out clothes from their wardrobe—you allow them the opportunity to formulate opinions. You provide them with the platform to assess what they like and don’t like.

As individual beings, you may find that they have a vastly different taste in clothing than you. Those purple skirts may be icky, or they’d prefer woollen jackets because they’re teddy bears. You’ll be raising your eyebrows at some of their choices, too, but remember that it’s all about experimentation!

There will be no more neglected clothes

It can be extremely frustrating to get some clothes, only for your children to refuse to wear them. Once they begin choosing their clothes, however, you’ll know which ones they’ll like. You’ll be saving plenty of money, all the while encouraging them to have more of a say in their life decisions—no matter how simple.

Their individuality prospers

As your children begin to be more at peace with choosing their clothing, you’ll find their sense of individuality gradually developing. In other words, you allow them to gain a stronger sense of self.

Come school age, your children will likely look to fit in with their peers. They’ll also try to emulate characters they see on television and social media, perhaps asking you for those chunky white “dad sneakers” reminiscent of your childhood.

Although allowing them to experiment is highly encouraged, teach your children how to clarify their choices by asking them about the things they like and why. This way, you’ll help them gain a true sense of self and not just one that blindly follows trends.

The process is fun

Choosing your clothes and discovering your style is fun—and you’ll want your children to experience this, too! By entrusting a little more responsibility in their hands, you give them a sense of freedom they didn’t have previously, which can be rewarding and so much fun!


As you begin this journey with your children, remember that choosing clothes is just another normal routine. It’s one they’ll eventually need to face and conquer as they grow up. Developing a sense of independence and individuality early on will help them immensely in adulthood—even if it’s just clothes!

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