3 Methods that Make Clothing Time a Peaceful Time with Toddlers

by Vanessa Shen on February 21, 2020

3 Methods that Make Clothing Time a Peaceful Time with Toddlers - Precious April

Toddlers aren’t known for being the most agreeable. From as early as their first birthday until as late as their fourth, kids are stubborn, full of questions, and just beginning to exercise their newfound mobility. One of the biggest struggles parents face during the terrible twos is something that you may not expect: getting their little one to put on their clothes and keep them on.

After showers, toddlers often run around naked in glee, reluctant to put on their pajamas. You’ve probably experienced running after an excited toddler with a jumper in your hands, trying to get them to put it on. At the end of the experience, your little one will look adorable, while you’re often left looking disheveled and ready for a nap.

Whether this happens rarely or on a daily basis, the experience is enough to make a parent feel like they’ve aged a decade. It’s not the end of the world, though. There are many ways you can make getting your toddler dressed a peaceful ordeal. Some of the tips we’ll be sharing today have been handed down from one generation of mothers to the next. You’d be surprised at how simple they are. In the end, you’ll find that it’s often your projection of the frustration that frustrates the toddlers, which then comes back to infuriate you.

Try the mum hacks you find here today!

Copy method

More toddlers are visual. That means they take cues from the things they see around them. If you’re trying to teach your toddler how to change clothes independently, show them how it’s done. It’s easy. You don’t need a video tutorial to guide you on this one.

Minimise the talk and show your toddler how you pick your clothes from the pile, put it on with your outstretched arms, and how you remove it from your body. Remember that your little one doesn’t have the dexterity that you do at this stage in their life, so be sure to help when they need it!

Sing songs

Singing will relieve you and your toddler from the stress that putting clothes on can bring. This is especially effective for auditory toddlers or those who learn from what they hear. Sing familiar songs to your toddler. Don’t know what to sing? Make up a song about getting dressed that you and your little one can sing together! In doing so, you may be able to turn clothing time into a bonding experience.

Allow naked time

Clothes can feel restrictive to toddlers. Instead of keeping them dressed in several layers of clothing all throughout the day, give them some freedom! Let your toddler get a feel of his or her own skin with the breeze of the wind or the warmth of the sun. Allow your toddler to go around the house on the birthday suit at least half an hour a day.

Make sure, however, that naked time takes place when he or she is inside the house. This practice will teach your little one that there are things to keep private. It will also help your toddler learn that when he or she is leaving the house or when there are guests over, they need to be wearing clothes.


When it comes down to it, you can make clothing time easier by keeping the experience as fun as possible. Children respond better to learning in a fun and safe environment. If you practice the tips above on a consistent basis, you can see results in as little as three days. Children are fast learners, so you may be left scrambling to keep up!

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